Bring back the heart to sending and receiving digital messages

Easily replicate the no-stress experience of sending a physical letter. Forget about instant replies, your message won't arrive within the next few days anyway!

Start composing

Non-instant messaging service

Social media has changed our perception on what messaging should be like. With the focus on instant, messages have become shorter and quicker. TardaMail focuses on the exact oposite. With TardaMail, a letter-sending experience is digitally recreated by introducing a time-delay. Sent messages arrive within 2 to 7 days.

  1. 1

    Take your time

    What do you really want to tell or ask someone? Communication is something valuable and does not need to be instant. Taking your time is OK. Need more than one session to compose your message, save it as a draft and get back to it later. Remember, you're not in a hurry.

  2. 2


    Have you said all there is to say? Send your message on its way by clicking the send button. Anywhere in the next 2 to 7 days, your message will arrive in the mailbox of the recepient.

  3. 3

    Forget about it

    You've done all there is to do. Your message is sent. There is no way to get it back, make changes to it, or know when exactly it has arrived. Expect no reply. Instead, be happy if you do get one.